Group Therapy 

Group therapy offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage in a healing and safe environment in which they and the group facilitator together foster a space for support and change. Groups typically consist of 8 to 12 participants and cover a variety of topics. Currently Agave is increasing its group offerings at the InDwell space–stay posted or subscribe here for our new offerings!

Somatic Movement

Agave Studio offers innovative somatic movement therapies as part of many of its groups. These group sessions cultivate space for participants to freely move and exercise in personal and meaningful ways. Somatic movement helps reorganize the connection between the brain and the body in order to bring new possibilities to stagnant and stuck areas of your life. If you feel held back by your struggles with boundaries in relationships, obsessional anxiety, performance anxiety, fear or post traumatic stress, or even a desire to feel more comfortable in your body, consider joining us soon!

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