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Jade McInroe


I aim to create an environment of hospitality, welcoming each client to explore the places in their life where they feel stuck or dissatisfied, so that we can begin to work together to imagine and create a different future.  I believe that everyone has the answers that they are looking for within them, and that often the problems and suffering we face can be lessened when we establish and strengthen a deeper connection to our inner world.  However, as we move through difficult life experiences and daily stresses this deeper connection to ourselves can be lost, resulting in feelings of confusion and self-judgment.  My belief is that our outer lives improve in satisfaction, meaning, and freedom as we grow in self-understanding and authenticity.  My invitation to you is to help provide a space where you can begin to cultivate a sense of inner hospitality that will allow you to address the areas you feel stuck with more clarity and compassion.  

Because each person is unique, I work in an integrative approach to therapy, drawing on various traditional therapeutic modalities as well as holistic approaches that value the mind-body connection.  I am also interested in incorporating client’s dream material for those who are interested.  Areas of experience and focus include helping adolescents and adults navigate: depression and anxiety management, adjustment to life transitions, trauma recovery, grief and loss, family of origin issues, relationship and intimacy challenges, issues related to spirituality, and immigration and cross-cultural experiences.  I am also particularly passionate about helping adults explore their identity formation and issues pertaining to culture, gender, and sexuality, as well as supporting women as they grow in empowerment and self-expression.

I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling from Northwestern University.  Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in child welfare and in refugee resettlement for several years.  My work as a therapist is also informed by my own journey as a visual artist and undergraduate training as a musician.  I believe that cultivating our own creativity can guide and support our movement towards wholeness.