Janeil Ruiz

Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I work with people to help them meet their individual and family goals. My success is a result of my insistence on addressing each person as a whole and using creative interventions to promote change. In my practice, I use body/mind techniques from psychotherapy and spirituality to help clients find the change they seek, releasing self-energy and resiliency in order to facilitate the inner healing potential and unleash creative problem solving. I work with people from all ages and stages, specializing in all forms of depression and anxiety, recovery from trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders and sexual addictions. I also address relationship issues, grief and loss, self-esteem, parenting, divorce recovery and the navigation of men’s and women’s issues throughout the lifespan. In addition, I am fluent in Spanish and able to work with immigration and acculturation issues on individual and family levels.

I utilize a strengths-based, positive approach. I firmly believe that no matter what kind of change one is facing, it is always an opportunity to grow and become more self-aware and resilient. I am also available for psychological testing for diagnostic clarification. I am available to lead workshops on Optimizing Stress, Trauma and Recovery, Spiritual Trauma, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Embodied Sexuality, Marital Preparation, Finding Your Voice, Boundaries that Protect, Relating to your Difficult Teen, and Increasing Relational Satisfaction between Mothers and Daughters. BACK TO ALL THERAPISTS